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The company owns and manages the website by the same name. is the premium portal for online wine shopping. Our company is forever striving to ensure that our ideas and marketing tools are new, fresh and cutting-edge. We are exclusively here to market and promote South African wines. New technologies are turning Public Relations and Advertising on its head, and we at SAWines.Com are here to fulfill this challenge. We strive to enhance our customers’ wine drinking experiences by offering a vast selection of South African wines from all around the country at cellar door prices.

Target Market & Clients:

We at SAWines.Com are not confined to national and international borders and our clients are from far and wide. We have negotiated with distributors and couriers and have established a network to collect stock and deliver to almost anywhere in the world. Currently we supply & distribute wines to guesthouses, game farms, private individuals and corporate enterprises. Our client base is an eclectic mix of consumers all over the globe. With prices being so competitive, our consumers are both local and foreign.

Corporate Gifts:

Corporate gifts are an integral part of today’s business environment. Not only do companies create brand and company awareness amid clients, but also among their employees. SAWines.Com will tailor-make a promotional items to a client’s specific needs. There are pricing and product options to cater for various corporate specifications. 

Once the client has relayed its requirements, SAWines.Com will handle all logistical and product requirements. Before any gifts are sent out, a final product demo gift will be sent to the client for evaluation and approval. After such approval, the gifts can either be sent to the client’s headquarters or directly to its clients.

Packaging Options:
Two & Three bottle Carry packs

Different wines may be married to two and three bottle carry packs. These carton carry packs can also be embossed with the company logo.

Wooden Boxes & Crates

Once again different wines can be married to various packaging options. Wooden boxes and crates can be made up to accommodate from single bottles, up to 6 bottle crates and presentation boxes. These wooden presentation boxes and crates can also be personalized by having company logos embossed on them.

Specialized Wooden Boxes & Bottles

Wooden display boxes can also be made to order. Some boxes can be made to accommodate wine glasses, or some can be made with extra compartments that can store anything from dried fruit, to biltong and nuts. Many companies also have us sandblast their company logo onto wine glasses.

SAWines.Com also specializes in having special labels made for companies. This is also a very unique way to launch a company product, or to create brand awareness.

Specialized Bottles:

A range of specialized bottles and labels are available for the discerning customer. These include, but are not limited, to magnum bottles, brandy and gift sets. Some of our more popular product lines are the “Big five” sets and the “Golf” sets. The Big Five sets consist of five bottles depicting South African indigenous animals, whereas the Golf sets consist of four bottles depicting a birdie, albatross, eagle and a hole-in-one. Each set are packaged in a wooden display box. The bottles in these sets can also be purchased separately.

A variety of magnum bottles are also available.


Glasses are a very unique way of getting a company’s brand across. Glasses can be etched or engraved with a company’s name or brand. Glasses are also very popular because of its lifespan and the ability to create brand awareness for a considerable time in the future. Glassware does not necessarily have to be limited to wine glasses. Clients can choose between an array of glassware, including beer and whiskey glasses. All of these can also be branded and can be customized with tailor-made packaging options.

Other products

SAWines.Com understands the diversity of our country, its people, and also their beliefs and religious orientation. For this reason our company also supplies other products such as liqueur filled chocolates and other wine related merchandize.

We also appreciate that many of a company’s clients might not drink alcohol. Therefore we also provide sparkling grape juice that can substitute wine in hampers. These grape juice bottles look similar to Champagne bottles.


Furthermore, a wealth of other products, such as branded glasses can also be tailor-made to a client’s specific needs. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at +27(0) 72 6500 103, or email:  

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